• BCERT Tokens empower businesses & people to have more control, do more with less
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The Next Generation Cloud Company
Will Be Token Holder Owned & Operated

Secure Virtual Space Technology Lets You Set-Up and Own Your Digital Company

BCERT Tokens are the next Generation of how software will be delivered.

The BCERTin Solution provides a full suite of digital business tools to BCERT Token holders

BCERTin removes the Ongoing costs of software.

BCERTin gives 100% control to BCERT Token members via private keys for software and data.

The next generation of technology growth

BCERT Tokens community drives transactions.As the community grows, the platform increases in value.

Does This Sound Familiar?

All Software Pricing is created equally - priced on a monthly basis.

Want a discount?

Pay annually!

The problem: this model rewards the software company – no matter how much you use it, it penalizes you, is a pure cost, builds no value in your business. IN FACT, it does just the opposite – it takes your critical data and tools and makes you a hostage to the platform you’re using.

Don’t pay for a month – you’re Locked-Out! Don’t use it in a month, or only use a portion, you still pay 100%!

OH! BTW you only get one function, one tool, to do one job – you probably have 5 software tools at a minimum you need to do your work. Most companies and teams do!!

BCERTin is Turning Software Pricing Power Over to YOU!

SaaS is only used an average of 25% of the time! So is storage. Why pay for what you’re not using?

More importantly if you could take that 75% and save it, use it on other tools you need, store it and use it in other ways - you’d not only pay less, you’d have a store of value for software.

Think about it! Shouldn’t your tools take you to any destination you decide to book? Shouldn’t you get a FREE trip at times (the airlines figured this out long ago, so did credit cards, even Starbuck will give you a coffee).

Not only has BCERTin created the most powerfully integrated suite of tools for digital business – you get to select how you use what you “Don’t Use” – it NEVER expires, NEVER is lost, provides MORE data security, better integration tools!

Don’t just compare price, or one-off features. Run your most important tools, like you run your business – pivot as needed, build upside in, control your key tools and data!

We’re changing the rules in your favor – we put you in control with every function, with every APP.

@BCERTin - We have handed over Cloud Power to The People.

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Intro-pricing available now until mid-June of 2020. Token Pricing will be set at $.99 per BCERT Token.