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Welcome to Web 4.0

The Next Generation Cloud Company
IS BCERTin Token Holder Owned & Operated

Technology that Lets You Set-Up and Own Your Digital Cloud right from your Wallet

Does This Sound Familiar?

All Software Pricing is created equally - priced on a monthly basis.

Want a discount?

Pay annually!

The problem: this model rewards the software company – no matter how much you use it, it penalizes you, is a pure cost, builds no value in your business. IN FACT, it does just the opposite – it takes your critical data and tools and makes you a hostage to the platform you’re using.

Don’t pay for a month – you’re Locked-Out! Don’t use it in a month, or only use a portion, you still pay 100%!

oh! BTW you only get one function, one tool, to do one job – you probably have 5 software tools at a minimum you need to do your work. Most companies and teams do!!

certified blockchain business foundations

Software Super Powers with One Click

BlockCerts Choice provides unlimited access to a suite of tools - while eliminating costs and creating new assets.

Why pay for what you don’t own (and only use part-time)?

Add up all of the monthly fees you pay for software - on average it’s over $900/year. How many times have you paid for that software? It’s what’s made Silicon Valley wealthy.

Studies show that any given software is used only 25% of the time and 38% of software goes unused in a month! Why pay 100% for something you’re using for 25% of the time?

How about a Role Reversal? Our Web 4.0 gives you control, savings and rewards!

What if every technology tool you need to use was included and FREE?

What if you chose the tools you need on your terms? What if the data you create, store and use, were completely held by you, locked by your private key?

When you’re a BCERT Token Holder and Choice member - that’s what happens. With CHOICE by BlockCerts You’re in Control™.

You own the cloud power that takes you to any destination you decide. From business to your next trip, even entertainment and experiences are open with your Choice Membership.

Turn an Expense into an Asset and Earn Rewards!

It’s a new world of Unlimited options and access to do what you choose.

BlockCerts Cloud Choice Membership gives you a platform that rewards you. We’ve combined the power of our blockchain, web 4.0 applications and crypto currencies.

Why? Because of blockchain and crypto new models for rewards have emerged.

At BlockCerts Blockchain we’ve combined the practical use of your everyday technology, with this power to let you benefit from the upside to technology utility, that has built giant tech companies of today. Now you can have a stake in the asset with BCERT tokens.

Isn’t it Time to Reward those who use the Technology vs the Silicon Valley?

As a Choice Member you get to be part of the massive upswing in digital, because of blockchain. It’s easy – we show every Choice Member how to benefit from blockchain.

Unlimited access, tools you’re FREE to choose and use, new technology access and upside – that’s what defines Choice!

Not only has BlockCerts created the most powerfully integrated suite of Cloud tools for digital freedom, with a Choice Membership, you get to select when, where and how to use your BCERT Tokens!

As a BCERT Token community member, when you hold BCERT Tokens your Choice NEVER expires, NEVER is lost, provides MORE data security & control over your cloud plus offers you upside. That’s why we say:

Cloud Power To The People™

Most software lets you compare price, or one-off features. When you need a new tool, you pay more.

As a Choice Member, you always have free access to your most important tools. You choose how to use your Tokens, even to earn rewards and upside.

We have Changed The Cloud For Good™.

We’ve put you in control with every cloud function, with every APP.

Become a Choice Member and start taking control over your digital destiny – own the power of Choice.

What’s Your Number?
Get Choice BCERTin Tokens!

Want to adjust your BCERT Tokens? It’s your Choice - you own your BCERT Tokens and Secure Virtual Space that contains your software. You can bring a brilliant new digital business idea to market, or simply eliminate your cloud software costs! The Choice is yours.

BCERT Tokens let you hold, build, trade, sell your "digital business space" – what ever you wish. Ownership truly has it’s privileges!

*(BCERT Tokens will be distributed to the BCERT wallet once you complete your Choice Membership. Certain BCERT Token restrictions apply from token-holder sale – more details are available about your Choice Membership).

Live Blockcerts Team

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